September 2022
Issue Contents


Wild Goose Chase
Working On Limits Of Big
Black And Whites Isn’t Bad Duty
By Jay Strangis

Get Mobile!
Pre-Plan, Keep An Open Mind,
Adapt Quickly To Succeed
By Scott Haugen

Afternoon Advantage
When Hunting Gets Stale,
Shift Gears
By Jeffrey Miller


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—What’s On Your Hunt Menu?
Notable—Not A Hybrid!
Smart Money—Southwest Arizona
Fashion—Sharp-Dressed Man
Bore Lite—Return Of The Waterfowling .410
Terry’s Tips—Don’t Underestimate The 20 For Teal
Lefty’s Blind Bag—Six Hunt-Ready New Products

From The Editor
Turning A Page
By Jay Strangis

Duck Dogs
Hard Mouth
By Robert Milner

Retay’s Gordian And GPS XL
By Larry Case

Hevi-Shot’s Hevi-Bismuth
By Tom Keer

Don’t Shoot!
By Scott Haugen

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

September Is For Teal
By Patrick Meitin