September 2020
Issue Contents


By Any Other Name
When It’s Hunting Season, Don’t
Look For Grass In California’s ‘Grasslands.’
All You’ll Find Is Water
By Jay Strangis

The Bucket List Game
A Lifetime List
Of Hunts Never Planned
By Gary Zahm

The Marsh Monster
Hunt Clubs Seem To Have
At Least One Legendary Tale
Fiction By Bill Morrissey

Ringbill Renaissance
We Thought Our Diver Traditions Were
Dead And Gone. We Were Wrong
By Richard Massey

Don’t Jump! Flush!
A Novel Approach To
Open Range Duck Hunting
By Tony Martin



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—What Duck Is That?
Survey Says—Facts From Central Flyway Hunters
Smart Money—Valentine, Nebraska
Looking Back—View From A Shooting Stand
Invsive—The Nutria Potential
Buying Time—Canine Chemo?
Marsh Notes—Planning Hunts? Heading Off Disaster In Alaska,,
Klamath Refuge Gets Critical Water, Wildlife And Habitats
Threatened In Montana

From The Editor
Three Days, When?
By Jay Strangis

Puddle Duck Spread—Part I
By David Rearick

Duck Dogs
Leading To A Longer Life
By Robert Milner

Mossberg Youth Guns
By Jarrod Spilger

Apex Ammunition
By Tom Roster

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

By Patrick Meitin