October 2020
Issue Contents


Brown Bellies And Green Heads
A Chance Encounter Leads
To A Unique Opportunity
By Jay Strangis

It’s Duck Season
The Long Wait Is Over,
And The Time Is Upon Us
By Ron Peach

Early Season, Late Flyers
Hunting Is Always About
More than One Thing
By Roderick Reid

Just Us And The Girls
Each Day Is Written, Long Before
You’re Handed The Script
By Jack Hirt

Hunting With Mom
A Hunting Mentor Doesn’t
Always Have To Fit A Mold
By Chad Incorvia



Hunt Book

Flyway Watch—Mallards—Not A Native Of The Northeast?
Smart Money—Lake Champlain, Vermont
Things That Matter—The Power Of Wild Rice
Into The Books—14,000 Clays In 12 Hours!
Wry Messages—Promoting The Outdoors
Marsh Notes—Maynard Reece Dead at 100,
Windstorms Ravage Iowa Crops,
Waterfowl Opportunities Expand In Arkansas,
Study Identifies Landlocked Public Acres

From The Editor
Apparently, Even Hunting’s Not Immune
By Jay Strangis

Puddle Duck Field Hunting
By David Rearick

Duck Dogs
Communication, “You Said What?”
By Robert Milner

Tricked Out Twenties
By Jarrod Spilger

Kent’s And Rio’s Nontoxic Lineups
By Tom Roster

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

That Truck
By Patrick Meitin