Private Land Getaways

When looking for private hunting land, most people assume that they will need to pay a high price for an entire season’s access. But what if a hunter could simply lease the property by the day, or series of days, and still reap the benefits of totally private access without the high price tag? Back in 2020, the founders of Infinite Outdoors had the same thought, and set out to change the way hunters gain premium access.

The start-up’s service gives outdoorsmen and women day access to high-value experiences on private property, while giving property owners a hassle-free income by providing access to their land. Infinite Outdoors’ easily accessed website and mobile app let users search for a wide variety of outdoor activities, including properties that offer access to hunt waterfowl, pheasants, turkeys, big game, fly fish, and more. The Wyoming based company currently offers access to nearly 500,000 acres across the country and continues to grow.

While the company focuses on creating great hunting and fishing experiences for outdoorsmen, they also believe in prioritizing landowner benefits. The platform ensures that landowners will be protected and never lose control of their land. With the help of on-staff biologists, the Infinite Outdoors team assists landowners with setting hunt quotas, establishing rest days and offers conservation consultations that improve the private land hunting experience for everyone. Their system allows private property owners to move away from the standard leases of the past and move toward a more manageable day lease system.

Their system benefits everyone involved. Hunters and anglers can be assured that the property hasn’t been overused by previous sportsmen and the landowners can see exactly how much income they are bringing in each week.

Within this unique platform, hunters both new and seasoned can visit several properties throughout the season and hunt a variety of game without the stress of multiple leases or pressure from other hunters. Infinite Outdoors allows sportsmen full access to book any Infinite Outdoors property and hunt it as many times as they would like, within established open days (and booking availability). The platform also allows new hunters and kids a great place to get a good first experiences in the field without public land pressure or the high price tag of guided hunts. Youth hunters and anglers also get steep (if not free) discounts on all adventures.

To top it off, the team is centrally focused on promoting conservation. Whether assisting landowners in habitat improvement or donating to various conservation non-profits (member’s choice) affirming that without conservation, this platform or nor any other hunting or fishing would exist.

To learn more about Infinite Outdoors, become a hunting or fishing member or set up a consultation with the team about property enrollment, visit or download the Infinite Outdoors App.