March/April 2012
Issue Contents


Butte Sink Assignment
Our Primary Targets: Pintails And
Specklebellies—California Classics
Photo Essay By Gary Zahm

Jump Start
Giving The Season An Early Go
In The Saskatchewan Parklands
By Jack Hirt

Greater Than Words
It Takes Only 11 Months—And Several
Days—To Cement A White Goose Affliction
By David Rearick

Snow Dogs
Understanding The Special Training And
Handling That Molds A White Goose Beast
By David Rearick

E-Collars 2012
Attention, Correction, Reward—
And Bark Collars
By Tony Zappia


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch —The Season That Was (And Wasn’t)
Smart Money—Catahoula Lake, Louisiana
Lore And Tradition—What’s In A Duck Club Name
Places That Matter—Gray Magic, Scotland’s Pinkfeet
Things That Matter—When Less Is More, Ducks That Is
Lore And Tradition—The Crow—Enemy Of The Public
Marsh Notes—News & Events

Maddening Bagging Problems
By Tom Roster

Year-End Cleanup
By Michael Hungle

Stoeger’s M3500
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
“You Said What?”
By Robert Milner

Boats Guide
What’s New For 2012
By David Rearick

Close Calls—Adventure
Down In The Pits
Sinking In A Flooded Silage Pit
By Patrick Meitin

Gadwalls, Gray Ducks…Whatever
By Jim Dougherty

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever,
Waterfowling Accessory