June/July 2012
Issue Contents


Goose Follies
Some Honker Hunts Are
Not All That Serious
By Jack Hirt

Oh, California
Hunting With The Camo Cameras
In The Heart Of The Pac Flyway
By Jay Strangis

Mountain Geese
All The Signposts Pointed To The
Eastern Shore, But We Were Headed West
By Ross E. Swope

Better Late Than Never
Some Duck Hunting Experiences
Are Too Long Overdue
By Gary R. Zahm

The Santee Gun Club
An Early History Of A South
Carolina Waterfowling Icon
By Jon Wongrey


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Wanted: Snow Goose Hunters
Smart Money—Enid, Oklahoma
Revolutionaries—Man With A Mission: Ding Darling
Places That Matter—Hidden Gem, Finger Lakes Region
Looking Back—Death Of A Duck Club
Marsh Notes—News & Events

Struck Birds That Keep Flying
By Tom Roster

Choosing The Right Ground
By Michael Hungle

Super X Semi-Autos
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
By Robert Milner

Boats Guide (New regular 3-Page Column)
Riveted Vs. Welded
By David Rearick

Close Calls—Adventure
Break-Neck Goose
Knocked Cold By A Big Canada
By Gene Macnault

Remembering The Alamo
By Jim Dougherty

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever,
Waterfowling Accessory