September 2023
Issue Contents


Comin’ In Hot
Just When You Think
You’ve Seen It All…
Byy Jay Strangis

Munuscong Memories
Before I Could Even Hunt,
Fall Was My Favorite Time
By Connor Geelhoed

Down Home Geese
Early Goose Music
And Old Friends
By Rich Massey

Goofy Gadwalls
Populations Are Flourishing
And Driving Us Crazy
By Mike Marsh



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—The Draw Of White-Fronted Geese
Survey Says—The Difference A Season (And A State) Can Make
Smart Money—Northeastern Nebraska
Early Teal Season—Blue Bomber Time
Small Wonder—Bufflehead
Marsh Notes—Missouri Legislature Oversteps—Duck Stamp On Your Phone?—Ammo Controversy In Minnesota

From The Editor
The Challenges Of Following Migrations
By Jay Strangis

Duck Dogs
It’s Not Frequency, It’s Focus
By Robert Milner

Everyone Has A Favorite Action
By Larry Case

Early Season Goose Spreads, And More

Apex Puts The Hammer Down

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

The Dues Doctor
By T.R. Hendrick