October 2014
Issue Contents


The Winemaker’s Mallards
We Knew Good Ground Would Trump
Bad Weather—But When?
By Jay Strangis

Of Old Dogs
And Green-Headed Ducks
Revisiting A Familiar Place Where Birds
And Aging Retrievers Are Both Revered.
By Jack Hirt

Ducks At Altitude
Most Waterfowlers Associate Ducks With Marshy Ground
And Low Places, But There’s Much To Like Up High
By Mike Gnatkowski

Pay The Money, Take A Chance
We Put A Lot Of Stock In A High Dividend Mallard Hunt,
And Were About To Find Out What The Market Would Bear
By Gary R. Zahm

Brant On The Bay
A History In Hunting The Most Changeable
Waterfowl Populations In North America
By Michael R. Shea

King’s Quest
There Are No Easy Days
On The Bering Sea
By David Rearick

Dream Season
Good Things Come In Small
Packages, And In Numbers
By Jeffrey P. Bonin


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—City Goose, Country Goose
Smart Money: Grand Pass, Missouri
Odd Duck Out?
The Steel Deal
Keeping Watch On Mottled Ducks
Currituck Reflections
Canada’s Duck Stamp
Culinary Matters
Marh Notes: Little Fanfare For New Record
Study Quantifies Gobbled Up Wetlands
Is There An App For That?

From The Editor
A Logical Progression

Getting Decoys In And Out
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
The Versatile Duck Dog
By Robert Milner

Suitable Smallbores
By Jarrod Spilger

Shot Quality And Behavior
By Tom Roster

Boats Guide
Outfitting A Duck Boat

Close Calls!
Retrieving A Friend
By Neil Patterson Jr.

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Up To The Hubs
By Jim Dougherty