October 2011
Issue Contents


Hallowed Ground
Testing A New Shotshell In The Shadow Of Icons
By Jay Strangis

Dem Honkers
HA Gift Of Perspective From An Unlikely Place
By Jack Hirt

Call Them Ringbills, Blackjacks Or
What You Will—They’re Air-Cutting Machines
By Mike Marsh

Fair Weather Puddlers
Some Duck Hunting Is Better
Than No Duck Hunting!
By Mike Gnatkowski

Barnegat Bay
A Quest For New Experience Leads
To Fertile, Famous Waters
By Ron Peach

A Mix Of Green
Chasing A Cold Front To
A Batch Of Mid-Season Ducks
By Frank Spicka

The Ravine
Recalling Youthful Times
And Simple Waterfowl Hunting
By Nick Hahn


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch — Remarkable Redheads
Smart Money — Pierre, South Dakota
Study Says — Wetlands: A Trillion Dollar Impact
Looking Back —The Green Bay Boat
Looking Back —Super-X Was Super Excellent
Things That Matter — If You Build It…
Things That Matter—Sneakbox: Time Tested
Lore & Tradition—The Judas Duck
Tried & Tested—Three Proven Products
Marsh Notes—News & Events

AW Readers Write
By Tom Roster

Adding Motion
By Michael Hungle

Browning Maxus Autoloader
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
Obstacles To Good Training, Part I
By Robert Milner

Close Calls—Adventure
Without A Paddle!
Float-Hunting Nebraska’s Republican River
By Steve Kieran

The Cornfield
By Jim Dougherty

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat,
Retriever, Waterfolwing Accessory