November 2017
Issue Contents


Back On The Platte
Late Season In Nebraska Can Be
Sprinkled With Small Miracles
By Jay Strangis

TX Train Wreck
Salvaging A Duck Season
In The Wake Of Harvey
By Lefty Ray Chapa

You Never Know
Are The Origins Of Our Hunting
Partnerships Preordained?
By Garhart Stephenson

Basin Blackfeet
Jumping Into A Five-Day Opener
In A Green Alfalfa Field
By Gary R. Zahm

American Geese
The Benefits of Targeting Canadas That
Don’t Migrate From Canada
By T.R. Hendrick

The Book Of Mud
An Expose of Deep, Dark Places
By David Svinarich

Fundamental Fowling
Sure Today’s Gear Is Improved, But Don’t
Leave Behind The Stuff That Works



Hunt Book
A Little Park In Rochester—Giant Canadas
Smart Money: Great Salt Lake, Utah
Survey Says—Public Land Use—Arkansas
No Payment Required
Of Time And Scale—Modern vs. Post-1960 duck bags
Splash Limits: So What’s Next?
Banded Teal And A Higher Purpose
DIY V-Boards
Marh Notes: Robert Hautman Mallards Wins Stamp Contest
Refuge Toll Tops $300 Million After Harvey
Dry Dakotas

From The Editor
A Weather Pattern, Or Worse?

Duck, Duck, Goose
By John Gordon

Duck Dogs
The Dominance Training Myth
By Robert Milner

Browning Wicked Wing
By Jarrod Spilger

Making Sense Of Choke Tubes
By Tom Roster

Boats Guide
Avoiding A Bad Day

Close Calls
Winter Waters
By Gerald Beiter

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

What Happened To The 16s and 10s?
By Patrick Meitin