June/July 2015
Issue Contents


Legendary Waters
Eye-To-Eye In A Water Set, With
A Decoy and Survival Suit As A Blind
By Ron Peach

Blue-Plate Special
For Hunters Flocking To Louisiana’s Early Blue-Winged Teal
Season, The Mantra Is ‘Nothing But The Rice And Gravy’
By John Flores

A Must Win
When Developing A Young And Enthusiastic
Hunting Partner For Life, Failure Is Not An Option
By Ross E. Swope

The Talent Behind The Scene
Few Can Claim The Length Or Breadth Of
Influence Of Maynard Reece And His Art
By Jay Strangis

Beyond The North Wind
Hunting Geese In The Subarctic
Of The Hudson Bay Lowlands
By Ron Peach


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Predicting An Uncertain Future
Looking Like A Duck
MacQuarrie’s First Duck Hunt
Alaska’s Goose
Music Man—Remembering Eli Haydel
Fowling Goods + Tried And Tested
Marsh Notes: Early Teal Seasons Deemed Successful
Wanton Waste In Idaho
Youth Hunter Summer Camps

From The Editor
How Lucky We Are
By Jay Strangis

The Night Before
By Michael Hungle

Over-Choked, Over Decoys
By Tom Roster

Southpaw Smoothbores
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
Summer Training Primer
By Robert Milner

Boats Guide
By David Rearick

Realtree’s Close Calls!
Throught The Ice
By Ron Peach

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Beyond Memorable
By Jim Dougherty