August 2019
Issue Contents



Not For Everyone
Journey North To
A Surreal World
By Ryan Baudhuin

Good Karma
Sometimes There’s No Practical Explanation
For The Way Things Work Out
By Jack Hirt

Vinnie Goes Duck Hunting
Family Is Everything—Or Is It?
By David Svinarich

Forced Committment
We Took The Road Less Traveled,
With No Exit Strategy
By Jay Strangis

Worth The Wait
Teal Forecasts Were Low,
But That Was Opening Day
By John Flores

Forget The Extras
“Life Is Simple, But We Insist
On Making It Complicated.”—Confucius
By Bucky D’Agostino

Freeze-Up Teal
Stumbling On A Little Piece Of Heaven
By Garhart Stephenson


78 Bonus Pages Of Great New Gear!
Featuring Shotguns, Loads, Chokes,
Decoys, Blinds, Boats, Mud Motors,
Hunting Accessories, Clothing…


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Whitefronts
Survey Says—Keeping ‘Em Happy In Mississippi
Smart Money—Crosby Wetland District, N.D.
Looking Back—Shorebirds And Days Long Past
Deja Vu—Old Is New
Mystery Solvedt—Radar Angels
Dressing Well—Once Upon A Tweed Jacket
Outside The Box—Brunch Hunts
Forward Thinking—The Amazing Mr. Roper
Places That Matter—A Heritage Of Waterfowling
Music Makers—Virtuosos Of The Coastal Prairie
Marsh Notes—Investment In Private Wetland Acres; Nebraska
Lottery Benefits Ducks; More Acres To Hunt This Fall

From The Editor
New Under The Sun
By Jay Strangis

In The Beginning
By John Gordon

Demand Builds For Non-Plastic
By Tom Roster

Duck Dogs
Introducing Your Dog To Hunting
By Robert Milner

Fabarm L4S
By Jarrod Spilger

Close Calls!
By Chance Lequete

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

September Teal
By Patrick Meitin