August 2011
Issue Contents


Water Or Not
Wet Years Are Good For Ducks, But
Hunters May Find Them A Mixed Blessing
By Jay Strangis

The Burn Barrel
Never Underestimate The Potential Of A
Lowland Farm, Or An Elderly Widow
By Bill Morrissey

Got Cranes?
There’s Something About Cranes That
Never Really Grabbed Me
By Jack Hirt

Scoter Buffet
Black And White On The Atlantic
By David Rearick

Art Of Bob White
The Artist’s Life And Work
Has Long Been Trans-Flyway
By Jon Wongrey

Outer Banks
Eye-Level Duck Hunting
Off The North Carolina Coast
By Mike Marsh

Early Season Backwaters
Easy To Hunt And Low On Pressure, Back Bays
And Coves Offer A Solution For The Solo Fowler
By Ron Peach

Big Lake, Skinny Water
Ducks And Geese On
Utah’s Great Salt Lake
By Wendell H. Shepherd


60 Pages Of Great New Gear
Featuring Shotguns, Loads, Decoys, Blinds
Boats, Mud Motors, Hunting Accessories
Dog Gear, Clothing, Calls, Chokes…


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch — That Other Migration
Survey Says — Who’s Shooting What
Smart Money — Saginaw Bay, Michigan
Olt Got It Right
Bear And Geese — Collision Course?
A Mentor’s View
NYC Honkers — Food Or Fertilizer
Marsh Notes — Another Positive Duck Count!
Greater Snows — No Decline

Multi-Species Waterfowl Hunts
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Nature Of The Dog
By Robert Milner

What’s My Lead? Part 1
By Tom Roster

Benelli’s Super Vinci
By Jarrod Spilger

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat,
Retriever, Waterfolwing Accessory

By Jim Dougherty