October 2022
Issue Contents


Win Some, Lose Some
Optimism Runs Deep Among
Waterfowlers—Too Deep?
By Jay Strangis

Spoonie Daze
Few Plan For Spoonbills,
But They’ve Saved Many A Hunt
By Scott Haugen

The Long Wait
Things That Come Easily,
Aren’t So Easily Duplicated
By Gary Zahm



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—The Underrated Ringbill
Notable—The Wildlife Art Of Michael Sieve
Smart Money—Casco Bay, Maine
Waterfowlers—A King Who Loved To Hunt Ducks
Things That Matter—The Power Of Rice
Origins—In The Beginning…
Lefty’s Blind Bag—Six Hunt-Ready New Products
Terry’s Tips—Small Pockets, Big Dividends

From The Editor
The Shot!
By Jay Strangis

Duck Dogs
Raising A Retriever Puppy
By Robert Milner

There’s A New 870 In Town
By Larry Case

Happy Birthday, Kent Cartridge!
By Tom Keer

Little Crafts, Big Results
By Scott Haugen

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Dog Joy
By Patrick Meitin