October 2013
Issue Contents


Mega Spreads
Oversized Spreads Can Be Useful
If The Setting Demands Numbers
By David Rearick

Other Ducks
Learning To Target The
Ducks Of Opportunity
By Mike Gnatkowski

Just A Hunting Dog
The Value Of Your Canine Hunting
Partner Can’t Be Measured In A Test
By Jack Hirt

Indian Point
Big Blows And Clouds Of Ducks
Bring Out The Spirit Of A Marsh
Fiction by Bill Morrissey

Green Bay Divers
A Tradition That’s Alive And Well
By Ron Peach

Coast To Coast
The Salt Represents Some Of America’s
Best Public Waters, And It’s All Free
By L.P. Brezny

A Hole Called Duckland
The Sheltered Little Bulge Of A Sunken
Channel Was The Perfect Duck Hole
Photo Essay By Gary R. Zahm


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—What Will We Do?
Big Guns—The Size And Capacity Of Punt Guns
I Pronounce You Hunter & Hunter—A Wife’s Tale
The Animal Trap Company
Michigan’s Big Water, Late Season
Roll Your Own Tundra Swan
Coming Of The Mag 10 Auto
Marsh Notes—New Data On Avian Migration
Farm Bill, Really?

From The Editor
Getting It Right
By Jay Strangis

Playing The Wind
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Tracing Field Trials, Part I
By Robert Milner

Benelli SBE II Waterfowl Edition
By Jarrod Spilger

Simplifying The Nontoxics
By Tom Roster

One-Piece Metal Hulls
By David Rearick

Close Calls!
Swept Away
By David Downing

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Decoy,Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

A Hundred Thousand Ducks
By Jim Dougherty