November/December 2013
Issue Contents


Close Enough
Some Days, Getting Under Late-Season
Ducks Or Geese Is A Daunting Task
By Jay Strangis

Stillwater R&R
A Trip To A Historic Marshland To
Be Humbled By Diver Pass-Shooting
By Gary Zahm

Just A Hunting Dog
The Value Of Your Canine Hunting
Partner Can’t Be Measured In A Test
By Jack Hirt

My Summer Vacation
Turning Back The Clock
To Those Carefree Days
By Doug Larsen

Marsh Hens
When The Highest Of Tides Flood
The Carolina Lowlands, It’s Game On
By Captain John Gribb

A Christmas Gift
Some Of The Season’s Blessings
Don’t Come Wrapped In Bright Paper
Fiction By Bill Morrissey

Eastern Shore
A Quick Trip East Offers A Peek Into The Land Of
Longshoremen, Maryland Honkers And Superior Clothing
By Jay Strangis

Late-Season Saviors
Mastering Cold Weather
Has Its Own Rewards
By David Rearick


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—The Muddy Waters Of Possession
Cop Turned Master Carver
The Missouri Factor
What In The World Is That? Whistling Ducks
Gunning Boxes
Wisconsin’s Hunter/Craftsman
Everybody’s Autoloader
Marsh Notes—Can Will Grace Duck Stamp
Farm Bill Facts

From The Editor
By Jay Strangis

Numbers Vs. Realism
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Tracing Field Trials, Part II
By Robert Milner

Affordable Autoloaders
By Jarrod Spilger

Reloading For Waterfowling
By Tom Roster

Two Stroke, Or Four?
By David Rearick

Close Calls!
Moose Madness
By David Downing

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Decoy,Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Snows And Bows
By Jim Dougherty