November/December 2020
Issue Contents


Journey To Walhalla
Every Waterfowler
Has A Personal Destination
By Jay Strangis

East Coast Eiders
Back For The Unique Experience,
We Were Doubly Rewarded
By David Rearick

Closing It Out
Finding Comfort In Geese,
As A Mild Season Turns Cold
By Ron Peach

A Duck Hunt From Above
The Daring Life
Of Hubert Latham
By Bill Morrissey


40 Great Gifts And Essentials
For The Active Waterfowler!



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—You Are What You Eat
Survey Says—Same Flyway, Different Strokes
Smart Money—Ruby Lake NWR, Nevada
Things That Matter—The Path To The Duck Blind
Silent Threats—The Hypothermic Dog
Marsh Notes—Bluebill Featured On 2021 Stamp,
Converted Croplands Don’t Meet The Grade,
Ousted BLM Chief Served Illegally,
A Film Worth Watching

From The Editor
When Bird’s Social Distance
By Jay Strangis

Diver Rigs On Big Water
By David Rearick

Duck Dogs
Teaching Delivery To Hand
By Robert Milner

Ammo Problems You Cause Yourself
By Tom Roster

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

100 Points
By Patrick Meitin