June/July 2020
Issue Contents


Wood Ducks
On Purpose,
And Otherwise
By David Rearick

Into The Corn
On Some Hunts, Getting There
Is NOT Half The Fun
By P.J. Reilly

Outer Banks
Eye-Level Duck Hunting
Off The North Carolina Coast
By Mike Marsh

Last Outlaw Gunner
Tom Reid Outlived His Kind,
And Ultimately His Own Past
By Jon Wongrey

Canadas All Ways
There Are About As Many Plans For Shooting
Honkers As There Are Honker Hunters
By Jay Strangis



Hunt Book
The Importance Of Stopovers—How Long Do Birds Stay In Your Area?
Tips And Tricks—By Wendell Shepherd
Smart Money—Devil’s Lake, North Dakota
An Argument For Pass Shooting—By M.D. Johnson
Lefty’s Blind Bag—New Products, As Only Lefty Can Explain Them

From The Editor
An Encore Edition
By Jay Strangis

Dealing With Frost
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Nature Of The Dog
By Robert Milner

Smallbore SX4
By Jarrod Spilger

Close Calls
Break-Neck Goose
Gene Macnault

Beyond Memorable
By Jim Dougherty

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory