June/July 2018
Issue Contents


Gift From The Duck Gods
Perhaps We’d Paid Our
Dues In Full?
By T.R. Hendrick

Almost Spring
Spring Snows Mean Relief
From Winter—Or Do They?
By Ron Peach

Beginning Of The End
The Season Was Ending Fast
And We Were Along For The Ride
By Jack Hirt

Tradition Building
Paying It Forward
On A California Marsh
By By Gary R. Zahm



Hunt Book
Ducks, Flyways And Outliers
Survey Says—Thirty Years Later—Ohio
Smart Money—Ninepipe WMA, Montana
The Dirty ’30s Saved Waterfowl Hunting
Fowling Goods—Field Gear That Matters

From The Editor
A Rumbling Heard In Canada
By Jay Strangis

Stopping Traffic
By John Gordon

Recoil And Muzzle Blast
By Tom Roster

Deadly Doubles
By Jarod Spilger

Boats Guide
Marine Corrosion Crash Course
By David Rearick

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

The Long Silences
By Patrick Meitin