August/September 2017
Issue Contents


Into The Wet
A Field Test That
Lived Up To It’s Name
By Jay Strangis

Life On The Fringe
It May Not Be Anyone Else’s
Mecca, But That’s The Point
By Garhart Stephenson

Gun Smuggling
Sage Advice For Getting That
New Gun Into The House
By David Svinarich

Thunder Off Manhatten
Despite The Pace Of Progress, Traditions
Of Ducks, Geese and Waterfowlers Remain
By Joseph J. Albanese

Freelancing The Motherland
Yes, You Can DIY
Successfully In Saskatchewan
By T.R. Hendrick

Hunting With The Carver
Gunning Over Handmades
In A Southern Marsh
By John K. Flores

Brant On The Left Coast
Knocking Off A Bucket List Hunt
On California’s Coastal Waters
By Dan Wennerlind



88 Pages Of Great New Gear!
Featuring Shotguns, Loads, Chokes,
Decoys, Blinds, Boats, Mud Motors,
Hunting Accessories, Clothing, Calls …



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Teal, Early And Otherwise
Smart Money—Hackberry Flat, Oklahoma
Intellectually Speaking—Bird Brains
Looking Back—Horicon’s Once-Managed Blinds
In Hindsight—The Shot
Quick Fix—DIY Jerk Cord
Things That Matter—Turning Fractions Into Millions $
Iconic Fowl—Prime Beneficiaries
Marsh Notes—New Limits On Public Land Use—Grim Environmental Legacy In New Jersey—Kansas River Gets Much Needed Assistance—Texas Joins Canada Funding

From The Editor
Limiting Public Hunting

When Less Is More
By John Gordon

Short Topics Of Broad Interest
By Tom Roster

Duck Dogs
Does Your Dog Training Model Fit?
By Robert Milner

Choosing Chokes
By Jarrod Spilger

Close Calls!
Bugged To Death
By Jack Oster

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Guest Dogs
By Patrick Meitin