August/September 2018
Issue Contents


Early Teal, Cajun Style
A Hoot And A Holler
In The Louisiana Mud
By Lefty Ray Chapa

Something From Nothing
With Low Expectations, We Set Out
To Make The Most Of Every Opportunity
By Jay Strangis

The Good Life
Waterfowling Has A Common
By John Depalma

Hunting The Hideout
It Took Mind Over Matter To
Cure Our Opening-Day Blues
By Richard Massey

Dangerous Camp Chefs
For Better Or Worse, In The
Hinterland, It’s Eat Up Or Go Hungry
By David Svinarich

Cranes Along The Border
Can Decoying Cranes Top All?
Could Be!
By Garhart Stephenson

Weather Watcher
When A Theory Proves True Enough Times,
It Might Be Wise To Trust It
By Wendell Shepherd



87 Bonus Pages Of Great New Gear!
Featuring Shotguns, Loads, Chokes,
Decoys, Blinds, Boats, Mud Motors,
Hunting Accessories, Clothing, Calls …



Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Summer Ducks
Survey Says—Satisfied In S.D.
Smart Money—Chesapeake Bay, Md.
Forward Thinking—License? To Hunt?
Pet Peeve—“The Number You Have Dialed…”
Timeout—“Unloaded And Clear!”
Valuable Intel—Learning From A Mother Duck
Manners Matter—Covering Our Tracks
Head Scratcher—Troubling Trend Or New Opportunity?
New Horizons—Treasure Hunting In Kansas
Marsh Notes—Interior Erases Bird Liability—Unusual Pipeline Promotion Backfires—
Fish/Wildlife Funding Declines—Farm Income Could Be Lowest Since 2006


From The Editor
The Best Gift Ever
By Jay Strangis

Moving Water
By John Gordon

Will Steel Shot Ruin My Gun?
By Tom Roster

Duck Dogs
Perils Of Work And High Temps
By Robert Milner

Shotgun Shopping
By Jarrod Spilger

Close Calls!
Blown Out
By John Meyer

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Growing Old
By Patrick Meitin