August September 2015
Issue Contents


Going Old School
For Us, A Float And Camp Hunt
Seemed A Throwback To Another Time
By Kyle Shaney

A Trip To Duck Central
The Missouri Model Of Conservation Isn’t Just
Lip Service, It Has Feathers, Wings And Webbed Feet
By Jay Strangis

Enough Is Enough
Resident Geese Need To Be
Given A Lesson In Manners
By Bucky D’Agostino

The Storm Cometh
Weatherless Days Crippled California’s Waterfowl Hunting
For More Than A Year—But A Storm Was Brewing
By Gary R. Zahm

The Marsh Nobody Wanted
One Person’s Cast Off
Can Be Another Person’s Jewel
By David Rearick

Jewel Of The Flyway
It’s Pay To Play At This Public
Waterfowl Area, But Well Worth The Price
By John Flores

88 Pages Of Great New Gear!
Featuring Shotguns, Loads, Chokes,
Decoys, Blinds, Boats, Mud Motors,
Hunting Accessories, Clothing, Calls …


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch—Mallards Thrive, But Not Harvest
Hunting Tips And Tricks
Smart Money—Green Bay
Keep It Legal
The Other Hackberry
Wind Turbines—A Little To The Right, Please
Brush And Pen—Roland Clark
Blind View
Marsh Notes—Feds Finally Define “Waters”
CRP Reaches 30—Less Celebrated

From The Editor
The Great Distraction

The Better To See You With
By Michael Hungle

3.5-Inch 10 Or 3.5-Inch 12
By Tom Roster

Duck Dogs
This Old Dog Will Hunt
By Robert Milner

New Doubles
By Jarrod Spilger

Close Calls!
Cold To The Bone
By Bob Mastroski

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Three Geese
By Jim Dougherty