September 2011
Issue Contents


Blind Luck
When Nature Rolls, The Dice Are Loaded
By John Pollman

The Sniper
He Was A “Sportsman,” From The Country
By Nick Hahn

Must Have
There’s A Lot OF Stuff Out There,
Here’s a List To Get Started
By Mark Brendemuehl

Waterless Fowl
Hunting Ducks And Geese In Dry Fields
By David Rearick

Canadas, All Ways
There Are About As Many Plans For Shooting A Honker
As There Are Honker Hunters
By Jay Strangis

A Ticket In A Great Lottery
“To Band A Bird Is To Hold A Ticket In A Great Lottery,”
Aldo Leopold
By Greg Hoch

The Club Scene (Photo Essay)
Another Weekend at the Grassland
By Gary R. Zahm

Big Mac Revival
A Nebraska Stronghold Cycles Back
By Mike Gnatkowski


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch — Fun With Ducks
Smart Money —Klamath Basin’s NWRs
Looking Back — Making Decoys
Places That Matter — Horicon
The Bestest Hunt Ever
Fowling Goods
Where The River Narrows—Quebec Snow Geese
Tried & Tested
Fowling Far And Wide
Marsh Notes

What’s My Lead? Part 2
By Tom Roster

Decoy Spacing
By Michael Hungle

Remington’s Versa Max
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
Behavior Problems In Retrievers
By Robert Milner

Coot Shoot
By Jim Dougherty

Close Calls
Hunting Alaska’s Kodiak Island Sea Ducks

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat,
Retriever, Waterfolwing Accessory