November/December 2011
Issue Contents


Moving Water
Hunting A River’s Flooded
Brush For Ducks And Geese
By David Rearick

You Vs. The Cold
How To Win The Battle
By Steven J. Mulak

Three-Strike Snows
An Honest Effort To
Survive A White Goose Hex
By Jerry Mitchell

Persistence Pays
Hanging In For Those Final Days
By Wendell H. Shepherd

Desert Ducks
California’s Imperial Valley Sustains
A Rich Waterfowling Tradition
By Mark Schulte

Snowfront Canadas
An Oncoming Snowstorm Sends
Canada Geese Into Feeding Mode
By Ron Peach

Wooden Birds
Sometimes A Set Of Decoys Has
More Value Than Meets The Eye
Fiction By Bill Morrissey

Field Hunt
Photo Essay By Jim Thompson Jr.


Hunt Book
Flyway Watch —A Regular Migration Year?
Smart Money —Rainwater Basin, Nebraska
Looking Back —Paper Mache Decoys—A Weighty Issue
Places That Matter —Mountains Of Waterfowl
Looking Back—American Waterfowlers, B.C.
Fowling Goods—10 Top Products
Places That Matter—St. Johns River
Tried & Tested—Three Proven Products
Marsh Notes —News & Events

A New Hybrid
By Tom Roster

Water Rigging Tricks
By Michael Hungle

Youth Models
By Jarrod Spilger

Duck Dogs
Obstacles To Good Training, Part II
By Robert Milner

Close Calls—Adventure
Freeing A Dog On The Brazos River
By Steve Kieran

A Merry Christmas
By Jim Dougherty

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever,
Waterfowling Accessory