November 2015
Issue Contents


Doin’ The Prairie Shuffle
Hunting To and Fro Seems
Preordained When We Hit The road
By Jay Strangis

No Country For New Men
Looking For Waterfowl And
Adventure In Remote Country
By Kyle Shaney

When It Comes To Brothers In Arms,
You Gotta Love ‘Em (Or Not)
By Jack Hirt

A Weather-Plagued Quest For An
Uncommon North Atlantic Eider
By David Rearick

Goose Hunting In The Land Of Cows
One Of The Unexpected Dangers
Of Goose Hunting In The Midwest
By David Svinarich

Our Lucky Day
Could Two Hunters Shoot A Full
Snow Goose Limit? Yes! With A Little Luck
By Dean Davenport

The Battle Of Horatio
A Yearning For The Canadian Prairies
Leads To Unexpected Fulfillment
By Walter J. Dinkins


Hunt Book

Flyway Watch—More Than Mallards—No Longer
Smart Money: Idaho’s Snake River
Survey Says—California Waterfowlers
The Gulf Giveth And Taketh
Game Protector
Scouting—Beyond The Road
Jack Snipe—No Joke
Making Hunt Memories
Our Man In The Field—Rubbing Shoulders In Stuttgart
Marsh Notes: Hautman Brothers Dominate
CRP May Be Hot Commodity
Violations Of Game Laws Costly

From The Editor
Passages—Jim Dougherty

The Imitation Game
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Place Board Training
By Robert Milner

Mossberg 930 DC Pro
By Jarrod Spilger

Older Loads And A Recall Notice
By Tom Roster

Boats Guide
Bunks Or Rollers
By David Rearick

Close Calls!
Without A Paddle
By Jack Jeffries

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

The Passage Of Time
By Jim Dougherty