April/May 2017
Issue Contents


The Rice Bowl
A Rendezvous With An Old Friend
To Create New Memories
By Gary R. Zahm

Saskatchewan Roller Coaster
Overcoming The Ups And Downs
Of A Muddy But Memorable Ride
By Jack Hirt

Hunt Like You Own It
Cashing In On Public Draw Hunts
Can Lead To Superb Hunting
By Mike Marsh

Duck Hunting Imponderables
The Remarkable Transformation
Of Girlfriends To Wives
By David Svinarich


Hunt Book
Learning From Lincoln’s Flyways
Smart Money: Puget Sound, Washington
Getting There—Motorbikes, Then And Now
Marsh Notes: 80 Years And 14 Million Acres Later
Public Lands Issue Is Contentious Throughout The West
Massive Waterfowl Die-Off In Montana

From The Editor
Timing Seems To Be Everything

Hunting Sheetwater
By Michael Hungle

Duck Dogs
Sit Quietly And Take Direction
By Robert Milner

Bismuth Steps Up
By Tom Roster

Boats Guide
2017 Boats Built To Hunt

Market Hunter
Find An Outfitter, Call, Boat, Retriever, Waterfowling Accessory

Hunting Solo
By Patrick Meitin